2019 NLP and Coaching Convention

Well, it’s been a busy couple of months!  So much so that we are only just able to write and thank everyone who attended the 2019 NLP and Coaching Convention on April 5th.  The day was kicked off and hosted by Wendy and Kali who, as well as teaching us Norwegian, also introduced our keynote speaker Julie Starr.
 Julie gave an insight into her thinking as a coach. Her key themes were your ego and being aware of it; approaching the coachee’s neurological levels and identifying where the issue was, and then coaching at the level above that.
To follow are the neurological levels from which the coach identifies the issue. So if the problem is a belief, the coach could explore issues of identity, the coachee’s script and their belief system.
The place and the time and the people involved. You may be unsuccessful only in specific circumstances or with particular people.
It is what we do but includes thoughts and actions. Sometimes the behaviour is difficult to change because it is connected to other levels.
Capability – The How
Capability lies within skills in both thinking strategies and physical skills. It is only visible in the resulting behaviour because it lies within you.
Beliefs and Values
Beliefs are principles that guide actions, not what we say we believe but what we act on. They are what is important to us, health, happiness, love..
This is the sense of yourself, your core beliefs. It is built through life and is very resilient.
This is the realm of ethics, religion and spirituality

We then had several workshops before I did a session challenging the current thinking that negative emotions are ‘triggered’ by something outside of us when, actually, we are sending out ‘predictions’ depending on our current physiology, meaning we are totally responsible for our state.

A good day was had by 137 people and guess what? We already have the date set and the venue booked for next year on March 27th 2020.