Do Dogs Love Their Owners?

Anyone who has attended our ILM Leadership programmes may be familiar with the phrases, “Be More Dog” and, “Chemical Addiction”.

You’ll also know that one of our trainers, Wendy, has a German Shepherd Dog, Angel, who is the most significant other in her life. It goes without saying that for those of us that have dogs in their life, that we love them – but do dogs really feel love in the same way that we do?

According to research this does seems to be highly likely. Apparently levels of oxytocin and dopamine, or ‘happy chemicals’, increase in both humans and dogs when we play together (or when in an office environment, we get on with our colleagues and have a laugh). At the same time, blood pressure decreases.

Research also found that brain activity in dogs who have a clear bond with their owners is similar to that seen in humans. So, it’s pretty clear that when it comes to unconditional love with our dogs, the emotion goes both ways.

Happy people are more productive, get better results and have better relationships. When you activate your ‘happy chemicals’ you’ll reduce your stress levels and feel more healthy and positive.

It is also a well-researched fact (Kim Cameron) that when we are in a positive mental state we have more areas of the brain activated, but they’re also activated to a greater extent.

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