Fear of heights?

I just wanted to share something a delegate sent to us today from our latest live online Certified NLP Practitioner course. Kath had a real fear of heights that was stopping her doing lots of things she wanted to do.

Her phobia of heights meant that even climbing a small step ladder would start her heart beating faster as that fear response kicked in. As part of the Certification we train delegates in how to safely and effectively help their clients get rid of their phobia’s and Kath jumped at the chance to get rid of hers.

The other delegates got to work with her and, 30 minutes and lots of fun and laughter later, she said she had had a real shift and that it felt really different for her. The fear was gone! We were delighted that we’d been able to facilitate such a big personal shift for her but more importantly, for us, it means that both Kath and the other delegates on the course now have the skills and knowledge to go out and help their clients too.

This is just a small part of what we train on the 7 day NLP Coach Practitioner course so if you’d like some personal shifts and to learn how to work with clients to move their lives forward give us a call and we can tell you more.

Just in case you’re wondering just how well this worked, when Kath finished the training day, she thought she would go and test it. This is her in her garden on her kids climbing frame that evening!

What fear of heights? Congratulations Kath!


Kali Fraser