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Free Introduction To NLP

We have a FREE 1 hour Intro to NLP audio download available to every person who enquires with us. This audio, recorded by your trainer, Steve Kay and his colleague Sheila Patel, is light hearted easy listening and is packed full of great information explaining the basics of NLP. It will also give you some tools and techniques you can use straight away. If you would like this audio download please enter your information on our contact page or call Lorna on 01332 856396 for more information.

Why become an NLP Practitioner?

  • NLP training allows you to upgrade your mental software, providing you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals
  • Enables you to become more effective and confident
  • It will enable you to more readily achieve your business goals
  • You will be in control of your emotional state
  • You will be able to change your own and others patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • NLP training focuses your positive energy so you are more interested in results than excuses
  • Get rid of fear and phobias for someone else
  • Remove limiting beliefs in self and others

Who should attend NLP Practitioner Training?

Anyone who wants to improve their professional and personal life

Who do we want on our NLP Practitioner Training courses?

People who take personal responsibility for themselves, people who want to be with other like minded positive people, people who want to create better organisations and communities.

What does the 7 Day intensive Practitioner course consist of?

The 7 day programme was originally developed by our trainer Dr Tad James, who has been working in the field of NLP for thirty years. He designed it using NLP techniques to enhance your understanding. The course consists of three parts:

Once you book, you receive a study pack consisting of CDs narrated by your Lead Trainer Steve Kay and his colleague Sheila Patel, which you listen to at your convenience. You will also receive a comprehensive manual with exercises and two books. You will probably listen to the CDS two or three times and complete some of the exercises.

The second phase of the learning consists of a precourse test which enables you to check your understanding prior to coming on the seven day practice workshop. It also means that everyone is up to speed beforehand.

You then come along to the seven day intensive NLP Practitioner Course, where your trainer will build on your learning from the study pack and where you will practice and understand all the techniques.

The course is very practical. The NLP Trainer will demonstrate a technique, and then ask you practice with a fellow delegate until you are confident. This means that you will have worked with several different ‘trainees’ addressing a number of issues that you could use as referrals.

By the end of the course you will qualified as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming; a Certified NLP Coach, both certified by the ABNLP; and a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, certified by the Time Line Therapy Association.  Our programme has been pitched way higher than the minimum practitioner standards. You will leave as a confident practitioner thinking and behaving differently and achieving new heights in your chosen field.