What is the NLP Certified Practitioner Course?

The Certified NLP Practitioner Program

Our NLP and ILM training programmes have been designed to give you the ability to take ownership of and dominate your professional and personal goals and objectives. We give you the tools to achieve the thing’s in life that matters most to you. This course is taught in combination with the Certified NLP Coach and the Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner programmes.

This will give you the ability to form new ideas, thinking patterns and behaviours as well as a wide range of skills and methodology you can use with others. It will also help you overcome past self-limiting unconscious behaviours that have held you back and prevented you from achieving your goals.

This programme is focused on business however, the applications of the material learned will impact and transform all areas of your life. We have a huge range of people from different backgrounds that benefit from our courses. This includes; consultants, athletes, coaches, teachers, business owners and holistic professionals. Everyone that attends will develop in their own way gaining valuable skill and tools as well as a world renown qualification.

Our service is friendly and flexible and we have monthly payment plans available for customers paying for the course personally.


What is included in the 7 Day Intensive Practitioner course?

The 7-day course is the development of Tad James, a practitioner of NLP for 30+ years. Using NLP techniques he designed it to enhance understanding. The course is delivered in three main parts.

Once your place is secured on the course you will receive your study pack containing materials that include 18 CDs (Narrated by our own Steve Kay and Sheila Patel) and a comprehensive manual and a coaching book. This is the first phase where you will listen to the CDs and complete some of the exercises in the manual.

Phase 2 of the learning process, includes a precourse test. This enables you to understand how much knowledge you have prior to attending the 7-day programme and ensures everyone has a good idea of what to expect when the course begins.

The programme is very hands-on and practical in nature. Techniques will be demonstrated to you by one of our qualified and experienced NLP Practitioners and then you will practice will a fellow student until you feel confident and comfortable before moving onto the next technique. This also means that you will work with different people and gain many different “Reference Points” for issues that you overcome during your time on the course.

On completion, you will gain full qualifications as a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Certified NLP Coach, and a Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner. This programme meets more than just the standard minimum pass for practitioners. The insights and skills you will acquire will enable you to think and behave in ways that allow you to reach new heights in your career whatever your background.


The Programme Content


The Business Benefits of Coaching and NLP

So, why learn to coach? Because it has endless applications in a world where getting better results, improving customer service and improving profitability are all essential for individuals and organisations to become successful in very competitive markets.

Coaching promotes individuals to take responsibility for themselves, others and co-operate so they can reach shared organisational goals.

Why NLP Coaching?

Because NLP Coaching incorporates advanced coaching skills and additional NLP tools so that you have a greater understanding of the language used by other and the ability to build rapport and influence people. This will build great confidence in yourself and inspire trust in those around you. Seeing the techniques first hand will also mean it is easier to apply them to your own life for increased progress and success.

Who Is It For?

The applications are endless and include; HR Directors, Learning and Development/OD Managers, Sales Managers, Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, Teachers, and Trainers who want to be innovative in their approach and deliver results.


Programme Content

The course is 7 days in total and includes CDs, Workbook support, and a pre-course qualification test.

Day One – We ease into the course providing you with the opportunity to get to know the trainers and all attendants in a relaxed setting. We recap a sample of the material from the pre-course manual, CDs and workbook answering questions, discussing the ideas and feedback from putting the techniques learned in to practice.

Day Two – You learn and uncover how the mind filters our reality and forms meaning from our experiences. Essentially, our experiences are not raw data.

Day Three – The language we use to speak to ourselves (Self Talk) and to others shapes our reality. We learn how to use questions correctly to discover the trainees model of the world. You will learn how to translate from the answers if your trainees has a victim mentality or if they take full responsibility for themselves and situation.

You will learn how to use abstract levels of language and details to build rapport and better enable you to put your case forward. You will learn to use the Milton model to build rapport, reduce resistance and ease negotiations.

Day Four Coaching Practice – This is the day that sets us apart from the rest of NLP Training Providers! We study the business case for coaching and you will learn THE GROW Model. We then look at Performance Coaching and Personal Coaching Models for increasing an individual’s effectiveness. You will review coaching plans and the importance of tasking and goal setting. We also uncover internal drivers, what they are and how they drive the individual (this is from the master practitioner level). You will then have the opportunity to have a one on one coaching session with another delegate to help them to set a plan to achieve their goals. Additionally, there are more opportunities to practice coaching built into the programme.

Day Five – You will learn how to employ linguistic coaching techniques to destroy negative emotions and limiting beliefs. We begin with techniques such as Resource Anchoring and collapsed anchors before moving onto Time Line Therapy™. There is the further available option of an additional coaching session if this is requested.

Day Six – You will learn how to teach the Time Line Therapy™ to your trainee with simplistic approaches ensuring that they are set up for the best possible outcome using additional techniques at the practitioner level. This includes removing inn conflicts via Parts integration and the fast phobia model.

Day Seven – During day seven we study chain anchors, revisit eye patterns, predicate phrases, and words and show you how to reveal a person’s unconscious thought process for decision making.

There is a thinking pattern associated with the way we decide to make a purchase and this can be ‘fed back’ so as to close a sale or sell a product. We will also delve into the 5 step sales process. To the day we end by individual goal setting.


The ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

This course is a perfect fit for leaders of a senior level and executive coaches to further progress their coaching and leadership success levels and to support the implementation of strategies at a senior level.

If you desire to work with people that hold senior positions you can now run this qualification alongside our NLP Practitioner Certification and NLP Coach. You will have the skills and ability to support them in achieving business goals and objectives and when required utilise techniques from the practitioner training course to better enable them to build momentum and move forward with enthusiasm and confidence.

20 hours of coaching is a requirement of the ILM 7 and evidence needs to be submitted. This is a great opportunity to network and builds your senior contacts as you complete your coaching. This is a great advantage because you will continue to put the skills you have learned into practice solidifying the skill set and building on your education.

Additional reading and tutorials on strategic leadership to support your overall understanding of the course materials and assignments will be provided. As a requirement, you must then complete three written assignments; coaching within a strategic business environment and a diary of senior-level coaching and a reflective review. More information is provided regarding these matters on enquiry.

NB This course and qualification can also be attained by delegates of our NLP Master Practitioner Programme.