NLP Leadership Courses

NLP leadership training is aimed at senior leadership teams. Run in your business, NLP Leadership Training allows delegates to understand why leaders who are emotional and socially intelligent create a positive climate that resonates throughout the organisation leading directly to the bottom line.

You will learn the following;

1. Building better Rapport across departments, teams and with customers
2. Inspire those around you
3. Understanding how people think and behave and make decisions
4. Transformational Leadership and the Bass Full Range Leadership model
5. Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence, Goleman’s Repertoire
6. Leadership and Positive Psychology, Personal Responsibility and understanding your impact
7. Leading Change and taking people with you using Kotters 8 steps
8. Creating values and building ethical leadership behaviours

In the new decade leadership is vital to transform businesses. We believe delegates attending our cutting edge programmes will be able to take on bigger challenges and more responsibility giving you a more valuable resource. Not only that, our programmes can be supported by a qualification from the Chartered Management Institute or the Institute of Leadership and Management.
Our leadership programmes are run in house. If you wish to explore your business needs please call 01332 856 396 and ask to speak with one of our account managers.