NLP Training Leeds

We offer NLP courses in Leeds because we want to make it accessible to people in Yorkshire. Our courses combine coaching skills and NLP to give you three qualifications; Certified NLP Coach and Certified Practitioner of NLP and Certified Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM. The trainer for Leeds, Steve Kay lived in the city centre so regards it as home from home.

The Benefits of NLP

Our Leeds based NLP Training will enable you to become a more effective and successful person both professionally and personally. We are unique in our focus combining NLP and coaching. Our courses are attended by leaders from the largest private and public sector organisations, self-employed business owners, coaches and trainers.

The Leeds NLP Course

The Neuro Linguistic Programming course is a combination of a pre-course study pack with audios and workbooks and seven days of live training where you will learn techniques to ‘re- wire’ the blockages with others and in your own thinking, enabling you to set more stretching goals. There is a whole section on language which will enable you to ‘read between the lines’ of what people are saying, enabling you identify where they are unconsciously not taking personal responsibility, or limiting their options and to assist them identifying new goals for themselves.

Key Themes within Our Leeds NLP Program:

1. What coaching is and the business benefits. How it differs from mentoring and counselling
2. How coaching links with situational Leadership and Goleman’s Repertoire of Leadership styles
3. How we can use coaching to improve performance and personal effectiveness

4. The GROW model and how to use it life coaching and business coaching
5. NLP Language techniques, questioning to understand the coachee’s model of the world including linguistic assumptions and the Meta model
6. Coaching plans and coaching cycle
7. Setting Tasks and goal setting
8. How to elicit someone’s career (life) values and internal drivers (What our unconscious drivers are)
9. Creating Your Future coaching © techniques and goal setting and Time Line Therapy TM
10. Creating Rapport
11. Taking Personal Responsibility
12. Anchoring and Behaviour change techniques
13. Getting rid of internal conflict in decision making or the confidence to move forward
14. Limiting belief change
15. Eliciting how ‘buyer’ makes a decision

Because you are coached on the NLP course to achieve your goals you will get a quick return on investment. Why not call us today on 01332 856 396 for more details about the NLP courses we can provide in Leeds?

Free Introduction to NLP Audio Download

We have a FREE 1 hour Intro to NLP audio download available to every person who enquires with us. This audio, recorded by your trainer, Steve Kay and his colleague Sheila Patel, is light hearted easy listening and is packed full of great information explaining the basics of NLP. It will also give you some tools and techniques you can use straight away. If you would like this audio download please enter your information on our contact page or call Lorna on 01332 856 396for more information.

Free Personal Development Audio’s

We would like to give you some free personal development audios. 
You can listen to them on this web site or click the image below and download them to your computer, phone or music player to listen to at your leisure.

And why not take the challenge of 5 things to do this week.

Do something for someone without wanting anything in return
Spend more time with your team
Look for 3 good things in colleagues that you haven’t noticed before

To download the audiobook, click the above image and then: 

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