NLP Master Practitioner Training

Do you want to learn more NLP or become a better even more effective person? The programme incorporates many new techniques, exercises and advanced language patterns which will develop your neurology making you a more capable and effective than ever before. You will be confident communicating with people even those you perceive as being more senior. To put it quite simply, the Master Practitioner programme will teach you to think differently from those around you, enable you to see the big picture and focus on results.

We have designed individual coaching sessions for you to work on your professional and personal goals and a whole breakthrough day where you work with another delegate using techniques learned on the programme. The Master Practitioner of NLP also includes certification in Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching at Master Practitioner Levels. The NLP Master Practitioner training course takes 12 days and is separated into a 5 day and a 7 day block with approximately 4 weeks in between. This means that delegates can spend time in-between on both their professional and home life and even apply the advanced NLP techniques learned within the first 5 days. The course is approved and accredited by the ABNLP, ABH and TLT™ boards.

NLP Master Practitioner Course

The NLP Master Practitioner programme takes language to a whole new level essential in coaching and business. We teach advanced linguistics and develop your understanding of the Milton and Meta Models. This will enable you, the NLP Master practitioner to use your language to effectively loosen up someone’s limiting beliefs and ineffective state enabling them to make new choices and become more effective.

Included in your Master Practitioner Training

Quantum Linguistics. Learn the art of linguistics and how to develop and use multi-dimensional language patterns for effective and powerful conversational change with clients.

Advanced Presuppositions of Language. This will enable you to develop language patterns and questions to assist someone to change their thinking.

Utilising Model Operators Linguistically. Chain together Modal Operators to take someone from an attitude of can’t to can. (impossibility to the possibility) elegantly.

Myers Briggs and Complex Meta programmes. The first four Meta programmes are the same as the Myers Briggs profiles. They are useful in interviews or as a team-build so the team understands how others think and process information, this means they will appreciate strengths and areas of difference. The use of Meta Programmes is invaluable in NLP Coaching; managing others; and building and maintaining an effective team.
Values. These are the unconscious drivers that direct someone’s focus and energy. If values are not aligned in a person they will struggle to really achieve what they want in some, if not all areas of their lives. Learn how to align someone’s values and they will have the energy and motivation to achieve exactly what they want.

Values Level Thinking. Learn how people think and how their world looks to them in accordance to what is important to them. Again, in understanding Values Level Thinking you will be perfectly equipped for working in one to ones with others or within organisations to enable an effective working environment. You will be taught how to use The Values Inventory and understand where someone may be “stuck” in their thinking or where they have conflicts. It will also give you an insight into what they can do to change their thinking and be, do or have whatever they want. This is also very relevant in the area of organisational change, the values levels and organisational paradigms are closely linked. And moving people towards values level seven means that they are confident and effective.

Values Hierarchy and Changing Values. Learn how the values hierarchy works and how to change it within someone at a deep level. You will learn how to align a trainee or organisation’s values to their goals and outcomes. Sleight of Mouth Patterns. The art of re-framing any problem/issue.

Prime Concerns. A very powerful linguistic technique to find the root meaning of the words and language we use. All of our language is representative of emotions, problems and/or what is missing at a deeper unconscious level. This technique will enable your trainees to completely change the way they think as it is designed to remove boundaries surrounding old though patterns, strategies, values and/or beliefs.

Meta Model III. A unique linguistic- process for resolving problems within minutes.

Advanced Sub Modalities. Take your submodalities knowledge to the next level. Advanced Strategies. Build on your Practitioner knowledge of strategies and how to change behaviour effectively changing the strategy.

Modelling. Learn how to model excellence. This is what NLP is based on! If you run a business or are a business leader you can model other organisations who are producing excellent results. This is not the same as bench-marking!

Breakthrough Session. Learn how to complete an 8 hour breakthrough session using all the techniques you have learned with another delegate, and of course receive the same – an 8 hour breakthrough to really clear yourself out and align yourself to your goals. This is preceded by a coaching session to set goals and plans earlier in the course.

Master NLP Coach. Learn how to Coach in accordance with Values Level Thinking. We will teach you to understand motivation strategies and how and where you would use Values in your Coaching. You will also understand how to Coach someone as they make transitions through the Values Levels. We will also teach you how to use the Coaching Values Inventory.

Master Time Line Therapy. Learn advanced Time Line Therapy techniques including the extremely powerful Drop Down Through technique and regression.

Master Hypnosis. Dr. Milton Erikson took hypnosis off the stage and into the consulting room. Using trance we can make positive suggestions to enable people to make a positive change in their lives. There are some misconceptions about trance but a light trance will feel no different from the way you feel before you wake up or before you go to sleep. These techniques are being used in all sectors as part of staff well-being programmes. The hypnosis training course content includes Eriksonian and David Elman inductions, Estabrook’s induction and convincers, double induction, use of a pendulum and other ideomotor signals and rapid induction techniques. We develop the use of metaphor stories to use in trance and teach you how to use deepening strategies such as fractionation. The hypnosis training course is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and delegates can apply to become a member of the board on completion of this course.

The ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and MentoringThe ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching offers a whole new level of development and credibility to the Master Practitioner. It is recognised by HR professionals in numerous organisations and will open new doors for you and because of its credibility, it may offer a greater opportunity for getting your organisation to sponsor the programme. The purpose of coaching at an executive level is to give specific support with strategic initiatives at the time when it is required. It challenges the mental models and the thinking process. For senior leaders, it will significantly enhance your delegation and team-building skills. The ILM 7 requires you to complete and evidence 20 hours of coaching. You can start the process off on the course and then you can continue building a network of professionals who require coaching. This will encourage you to get out there and meet new contacts and if you are building a business, meet new potential clients. If you are employed you can widen your network in your own organisation and develop your career by offering coaching. Much of the content covered on other executive coaching programmes is included within the NLP content however the Master Practitioner training will offer a wide variety of additional communication techniques. We will teach you tools you can use to give your trainee more self-confidence and greater self-belief enabling them to set and achieve more stretching goals. There is a support pack, which includes 10 cds on NLP and Coaching at Master Practitioner level and an insight in to business strategy and leadership. There will be text books on coaching included together with recommended wider reading.

Call Lorna on 01332 856 396 or 07719 028480 for further information or to book your Master Practitioner programme. A deposit will secure your place and release your pre-course study materials to you so that you can start preparing for your course immediately. Interest-free monthly payment plans are available and payments can be made easily over the phone.

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