NLP Courses Nottingham

Welcome to NLP Training in Nottingham East Midlands near East Midlands Airport. Within easy reach of Sheffield, Leicester, Lincoln, Stoke and Derby. Our training takes place at The Old Vicarage in Castle Donington.


Why NLP Training in Nottingham?

Our Nottingham based NLP Training at NLP Practitioner level and NLP Master Practitioner will enable you to become a more effective person and the tools and techniques you practice will clear up many of the ‘internal software glitches’ that prevent you from achieving your goals as quickly as you might wish.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Which is a bit of a mouthful so it was shortened to NLP.

Neuro means your brain. Linguistic relates to the language we use to ourselves and others. (yes, and what you say to yourself impacts on how you feel and the action you take) Programming simply means our unconscious habits of behaviour which we use when performing certain tasks like a doing a presentation or driving a car.

We now include as an extra option the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring with the Practitioner and Master Practitioner.

There are several core programmes we offer including, the NLP Practitioner and Certified NLP Coach course and the Master Practitioner and Master Coach course . The Master Coach and Practitioner training will take your thinking and results to a whole new level. We also include Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy © and Hypnosis training.

In this busy life we live in, being able to use some advanced relaxation techniques can reduce stress in ourselves and that of others. It also fits in well with the ‘Well-being’ programmes larger employers are offering. We have several case studies of our master practitioners working with employees suffering from stress and getting them back to work straight away.

NLP Practitioner Course Nottingham

The Practitioner level starts with a pre course study pack containing audios and workbooks. You will then join us for seven days of practical training where you will experience the tools and techniques which will remove the ‘blockages’ from your thinking and enable you to set more stretching goals, you will also receive coaching from another delegate to help you identify an action plan to achieve them.

Research demonstrates that happier, positive people achieve more in life, make better work colleagues and are more effective at work, they take personal responsibility and are more likely to find solutions to challenges.

The Master Practitioner costs about the same as a family holiday in Spain but will refresh you for life!

1. Building Rapport through the use of the person you are communicating with favoured representation preferences
2. Having the best personal impact on others and managing your state effectively
3. Submodalities work to change a client’s ‘take’ on certain tasks and Limiting belief change and confidence building.
4. Advanced linguistic techniques to better understand people and enable them to become more effective.
5. Coaching both as a leader and to increase performance.
6. Time Line Therapy TM and Anchoring
7. Parts Integration and internal conflict resolution
8. Eliciting ‘how people buy and make decisions’
9. Goal Setting and planning

Free Introduction to NLP Audio Download

We have a FREE 1 hour Intro to NLP audio download available to every person who enquires with us. This audio, recorded by your trainer, Steve Kay and his colleague Sheila Patel, is light hearted easy listening and is packed full of great information explaining the basics of NLP. It will also give you some tools and techniques you can use straight away. If you would like this audio download please enter your information on our contact page or call Lorna on 01332 856 396 for more information.

Free Personal Development Audio’s

We would like to give you some free personal development audios. 
You can listen to them on this web site or click the image below and download them to your computer, phone or music player to listen to at your leisure.

And why not take the challenge of 5 things to do this week.

Do something for someone without wanting anything in return
Spend more time with your team
Look for 3 good things in colleagues that you haven’t noticed before

To download the audiobook, click the above image and then: 

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