NLP Training Watford

We run our London and Watford Training at the Holiday Inn Express London Watford Junction. Watford Junction Train Station is only a 2 minute walk away and the fast train can take you to Central London or Wembley in just 20 minutes.

Holiday Inn Watford Junction



NLP Practitioner Course

Our NLP Practitioner programme is certified by the ABNLP, the largest NLP certification body in the world. It also contains Time Line Therapy Practitioner TM Certification and the Certified NLP Coach.

Our programmes are seven days in duration and are preceded by a pre course study pack containing 18cds. A pre course test ensures that delegates have completed their pre course study and are able to participate effectively in the face to face training.

The NLP Practitioner course is aimed at anyone who is looking to set up or advance their own coaching business, business leaders, public sector managers and trainers. The trainer Sheila Patel has a vast knowledge of the subject and wider fields too. We also include values elicitation, which is usually only trained at master practitioner level, together with the GROW model, performance coaching and personal effectiveness coaching. Our cds also include one programme dedicated to coaching.

Free Introduction to NLP Audio Download

We have a FREE 1 hour Intro to NLP audio download available to every person who enquires with us. This audio, recorded by your trainer, Steve Kay and his colleague Sheila Patel, is light hearted easy listening and is packed full of great information explaining the basics of NLP. It will also give you some tools and techniques you can use straight away. If you would like this audio download please enter your information on our contact page or call Lorna on 01332 856 396 for more information.

Free Personal Development Audio’s

We would like to give you some free personal development audios. 
You can listen to them on this web site or click the image below and download them to your computer, phone or music player to listen to at your leisure.

And why not take the challenge of 5 things to do this week.

Do something for someone without wanting anything in return
Spend more time with your team
Look for 3 good things in colleagues that you haven’t noticed before

To download the audiobook, click the above image and then: 

For desktop users – right click in the centre of the black area and select save as to download

For mobile users- click the 3 dots to the right and then hit ‘Download’

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