One to One Coaching

We offer one to one coaching for all our customers corporate and individuals.

Whilst we offer more traditional coaching our premier offering is a breakthrough session which will allow you (or someone you know) the opportunity to remove doubts, uncertainties and limiting beliefs enabling you to face challenges with certainty, clarity and confidence and set and achieve really big goals for your career or business.

Some examples of what previous clients have achieved include: increased business sales by 40% within one year, gained new customers, lost significant weight, been able to operate at board level in large organisations and several significant promotions.

We use Neuro Linguistic Programming – language and processes – to challenge current beliefs and thinking to make these changes and set new goals.

The process usually starts with a one to one session to establish goals, which can be face to face or by telephone. We then spend a day with you taking a personal history and identifying ‘blockages’ in thinking or behaviours. We identify the values that you unconsciously and consciously act in accordance with. We follow this with a number of NLP interventions to ‘clean up’ the blockages in your ‘software,’ so that you can move forward with absolute confidence!

We then revisit and set new goals and tasks to cement the changes in your neurology, which makes the new thinking and behaviours permanent. They key here is for you the coachee to take action!

Phase two is a follow up session a month later to follow up on progress and set new goals. Then we expect you to be independent. We are always a phone call away to review goals in the future.