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Become a great leader and coach using NLP

How does NLP impact on Leadership? If you are in an upbeat positive mood, if you are confident, if you set and achieve goals, you will inspire others… or will you? What if it is not true that we can inspire others? What if people can only inspire themselves? What if people can only become […]

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Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

What is Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence?   The latest thinking and research proves that emotions are created and, contrary to the work of Daniel Goleman, are not just seated in the amygdala part of the brain. It also argues that events do not ‘trigger’ emotions such as road rage or anger at a work situation. Rather, […]

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Lessons from a Master

Lessons from a Master Practitioner   What is the very worst thing you could experience? Most of us face challenges and upset on a frequent basis. Our emotions are impacted by events and people, life can be stressful sometimes. In my book I tell the reader that it is the myth of ‘outside in’ thinking […]

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What is the NLP Certified Practitioner Course?

The Certified NLP Practitioner Program Our NLP and ILM training programmes have been designed to give you the ability to take ownership of and dominate your professional and personal goals and objectives. We give you the tools to achieve the thing’s in life that matters most to you. This course is taught in combination with […]

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What is the NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy Course?

What is NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy? Would you like to advance your NLP skill set to become more effective in your execution than ever before? The NLP Master Coaching and Hypnotherapy programme incorporates a wide range of techniques, exercises and advanced language patterns enabling you to build on the foundation of skills and knowledge you […]

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You Are Unique

That’s right, you are unique. (based on Cats don’t bark by Shane Hipps) Of all the billions of people born in the world before you, not one of them was like you and no one will ever be born in the future the same as you. This means that comparing yourself to someone else is […]

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ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management 5 days – £950 plus VAT per person   Due to popular demand and to enable access to many individuals, we have decided to run this programme also an open course. This programme can also be run within your organisation for a cohort of your employees. Objectives […]

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How to Create Engaging and Motivated Employees

How to Achieve Engaged and Motivated Staff   The best organisations have engaged and motivated employees who are happy and enjoy their work. So how do we achieve this? According to Tom Rath it is all about identifying a person’s strengths in their early years. His research shows that where leadership fails to focus on […]

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Maximising Success Success for You, Success for Your Organisation   April 5th 2019, Albert Hall Conference Centre, Nottingham I’m so pleased to announce that the doors to the 2019 NLP and Coaching Convention are now open! This event is about bringing professional, in-house and self employed coaches together alongside other professionals from the fields of […]

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