The Use of NLP Training Within Sports Coaching

As a sports coach, you know that it is important to help your athletes including the best way that you can. Here at NLP UK Training, we know that the experience gained from becoming an NLP certified practitioner and an NLP certified coach can be highly beneficial within the sports industry as it is widely known that mental strength in sport is as essential as physical strength. All professional sports people will know that being able to control their state of mind will make the difference between winning and losing.

The programme that we run is designed to give people the tools to be more effective in whatever they are doing and to guide others using the same tools to do the same. This can not only be applied to sports coaching but business coaching, teaching and training as well. By empowering individuals, the course gives you the opportunity to gain confidence and become, all round, a more successful leader.

As a sports coach you will be able to identify and help your athletes/players to achieve appropriate goals in terms of outcome and performance as well as smaller measurement target goals. You will also have the tools to ensure your athlete/player gets into their optimum state before and during their performance. Also by understanding and perhaps changing their thinking strategies you will both be on to a winning formula!

You will learn to manage a team to the best of your abilities which is essential within sport as well as a business environment. You will also be able to use the techniques learnt to pass these on to your team or students. By having them use some of the exercises, they too will become more confident and gain a belief in themselves. This can be invaluable within sport and business, and by helping others to work as a team or improve themselves individually, the results will be phenomenal.

What if you could identify and resolve any unconscious issues that are holding your athletes and/or team back? With training in NLP Coaching, it’s a win-win situation! You can achieve your own goals as well as coaching others to do the same.

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