NLP Certified Practitioner Training

Online learning platform now available – become a certified NLP Practitioner without having to leave your home!

Our NLP practitioner training is designed so that you can take charge of your professional and personal life and achieve the results you want. It is combined with the Certified NLP Coach and the Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner™

This will enable you to learn new ways of thinking and behaving and a variety of tools and techniques you can use with others. It will also give you a ‘clean up’ of your unconscious behaviours which may be holding you back from achieving your goals. “The opponent within one’s own head is more formidable than the one on the other side of the net” Tim Gallwey The Inner Game of Tennis, 1970.

Whilst we are a business focused training company this programme will impact on all aspects of your life. Our delegates come from a variety of industries and include sports, training, education, consultancy and holistic professionals. Everyone in attendance will benefit from their own personal development journey at the same time as gaining tangible and effective skills and tools as well as worldwide recognised qualifications.
We offer a friendly helpful service with flexible payment plans for customers who are paying for the training personally.

What does the 7 Day intensive Practitioner course consist of?

The 7 day programme was originally developed by Dr Tad James, who has been working in the field of NLP for over thirty years. He designed it using NLP Techniques to enhance your understanding. The course consists of three parts:

Once you book, you will receive a study pack consisting of 18 CDs narrated by Steve Kay and Sheila Patel as well as a comprehensive manual and a coaching book. You will probably listen to the CDs two or three times and do some of the exercises in the manual.

The second phase of the learning consists of a pre course test, which enables you to check your understanding prior to coming on the seven day programme. It also means that everyone is up to speed beforehand.

You then come along to the seven day intensive NLP Practitioner Course, where your trainer will build on your learning from the study pack and where you will practice and understand all the techniques.

The course is very practical

The NLP trainer will demonstrate a technique, and then ask you to practice with a fellow delegate until you are confident. This means that you will have worked with several different ‘coachees’ during the course addressing a number of issues that you could use as referrals.

At the end of the course, you will be qualified as a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Certified NLP Coach and a Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner. Our programme has been pitched way higher than the minimum practitioner standards. You will leave as a confident practitioner thinking and behaving differently and achieving new heights in your chosen field.

So that’s it! We have even thought about lack of money! We recognise that some people will be paying for the course themselves so payment can be made in instalments while you have the benefit of working on the cd and workbooks. Call 01332 856 396 or call Lorna on 0771 902 8480 to discuss how this programme fits with your career and business aims. 


NLP Certified Practitioner Course

The Business Benefits of Coaching and NLP

Why coach? Because people have to achieve more and get better results, improve customer service and improve profitability or service levels. And it is more cost effective than recruiting people who already have the ability and confidence to make things happen.

Coaching stimulates individuality, empowers employees to take responsibility for themselves and take action to achieve organisational goals.

Why Coaching with NLP?
Because in order to have the confidence to perform at the level you require it is useful to have additional NLP tools at your disposal when you work with others. Not only will you have the advanced coaching skills, which exceed the International Coaching Federation’s competencies, you will have a greater understanding of the language used by others and the ability to build rapport and influence people. And you will experience all the techniques yourself so that you can make the changes necessary to progress in your own life.
Who is it for?

HR Directors and Managers, Learning and Development/OD Managers, Sales Managers, Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, Teachers and Trainers who are open to new ways of thinking and up and coming talent who have the potential to deliver results. A major city council recently had the programme delivered in house to create a pool of coaches to help with organisational change and one of the world’s largest logistics companies have in-house programmes as an extension of their leadership training.

Programme Content
This is a seven-day programme with CDs, and workbook support and a pre-course certification test.

Day One – We start the programme off with introductions from the trainer and all the delegates. Everyone has the opportunity to relax and get to know each other before easing into the content. We revisit some of the material from the audios, answering questions and discussing the benefits people have had from putting into practice techniques from the audios.

We revisit the NLP Communication model – How ‘state’ affects performance. We debate the beliefs that successful people have and the ethics for coaching. We learn how to build rapport by recognising clues from a person’s preferred internal representation systems using eye patterns and their language. Finally, we learn how to observe changes in a person’s physiology so that we can ‘read’ them better.

Day Two – You will learn how the way the mind shapes our reality and interprets meaning. Essentially, we unconsciously ‘bar code’ every experience.
Our five senses are known as ‘modalities’ We encode and give meaning to events this way. The constituent parts of these are called submodalities, for example, Visual sub modalities will include the picture being in black and white or colour. Delegates will learn how to do a contrastive analysis, ‘like to dislike’ for food or drink and a limiting belief change. We then teach the SWISH pattern for removing contextualised negative states.

Day Three – We shape our reality by our language and the metaphors we use. This happens all the time in business! We learn questioning techniques to understand the coachee’s model of the world. You will learn how to read between the lines and work out if the coachee (or a colleague) is taking responsibility for the situation.
We teach you to use different language levels of abstraction and detail to build rapport and for negotiation. Abstract levels of language are used extensively in business. We teach you how to use the Milton model to build rapport, reduce resistance and make your case.

Day Four Coaching Practice – This day makes us unique amongst NLP training providers! We examine the business case for coaching and teach you The GROW Model. We then utilise a Performance coaching model and a model for increasing someone’s personal effectiveness. We review the importance of coaching plans and coaching cycle together with tasking and goal setting. We also teach career values and internal drivers which is from the master practitioner level. (What our unconscious drivers are). Delegates have a dedicated coaching session with another delegate to set and achieve their goals. Further coaching practice is built into the programme.

Day Five – We start the morning off with Resource anchoring and collapsed anchors and then teach delegates Time Line Therapy™ alternatively known as ‘Creating your Future Coaching’ © to get rid of blockages and limiting beliefs. Delegates use linguistic coaching techniques to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs. They then have a further coaching session to review their goals and set more stretching goals if desired.

Day Six – We teach you how to teach your coachee how to do the Time Line Therapy™ in coaching. This includes how to set them up for the most positive outcome for them together with additional techniques required at practitioner level. This includes Parts Integration to remove inner conflict and the fast phobia model.

Day Seven – We start the day with chaining anchors then revisit eye patterns, predicate phrases and words and teach you how to elicit someone’s unconscious process for making a decision.
The way we decide to buy something or decide to do something follows a thinking pattern, which can be ‘fed back’ in order to be get the person to buy your idea or make a sale. We also cover the 5 step sales process. We finish off by setting individual goals with the delegates.

The ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

This course is aimed at senior leaders and executive coaches to enhance their coaching and leadership effectiveness and to support strategic implementation at a senior level.

You can now complete this qualification alongside our NLP Practitioner certification and NLP Coach. This will enable you to operate with senior people overcoming any blockages in their thinking and action. You will be able to support them in achieving business objectives and when required use techniques from your combined practitioner training to enable them to move forward with energy and confidence.

A requirement of the ILM 7 is that you conduct and evidence 20 hours of coaching. This will enable you to build your network of senior people in order to complete the coaching. We think this is an advantage of our programme because you continue your education after the 7 day course. If you are looking to start your own coaching business this will enable you to gain customers and if you are looking to progress within your own organisation it will give you credibility.

You will receive additional reading on strategic leadership and attend a tutorial/s to support your understanding of the assignments and materials. You will be required to complete three written assignments including one on coaching within a strategic business environment, a diary of your coaching at a senior level and a reflective review. Further information on these will be given to you on enquiry.

NB this qualification can also be completed by delegates attending our NLP Master Practitioner programme.

Free Introduction to NLP Audio Download

We have a FREE 1 hour Intro to NLP audio download available to every person who enquires with us. This audio, recorded by your trainer, Steve Kay and his colleague Sheila Patel, is light hearted easy listening and is packed full of great information explaining the basics of NLP. It will also give you some tools and techniques you can use straight away. If you would like this audio download please enter your information on our contact page or call Lorna on 01332 856396 for more information