We work with hundreds of coaches - and the one thing they all want to know?

How to run a Successful Coaching Business

Are you an aspiring coach or trainer who would like to go freelance and have a successful and rewarding career?

Or maybe you have already taken the plunge, but you are finding it difficult to grow your business. Many of us have a doubt that we will not get enough paying clients or have a scarcity mentality that there is not much demand.

This all relates to confidence and limiting beliefs. For some years we have been training and mentoring people and enabling them to get rid of their own doubts and limiting beliefs and go on to build successful, coaching and personal development businesses.

Phase One – Building a Foundation

We do this by teaching you to be a Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner. This is where you learn how to be a really confident NLP Coach because all delegates not only learn the skills and tools we train, you also work on your own limiting beliefs throughout the programme.

Plus, included in the course materials you get a full video library of the NLP demonstration techniques so that you can revisit them any time after your training.

Why coaching with NLP? Because only Coaches who have NLP training have the tools and techniques to work with clients with ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and Limiting Beliefs. Meaning Coachees can release their fears and go for a career they deserve and/or have less stress and emotional baggage.

Phase Two – Accelerating your Business

This is the really exciting part. If you want to get rid of everything that is holding you back and help people change conversationally, you can join our NLP Master Practitioner programme which includes a bonus of complimentary membership in our Accelerate Group Coaching programme.

You will join a network of self-employed coaches and leadership/personal development trainers and come along to our monthly Accelerate meetings where we will show you how to set up, market and sell your services and coach you through any issues which may arise along the way.

We don't believe in providing just the training, we enable you to use it so that you can have a fulfilling and successful business.

Read about our Accelerate membership

Don't just take our word for it...

It's really easy for us to say that NLP will be the key difference in the success of your coaching business, but wouldn't it be nice to hear from some of the people who've gone on to run a successful coaching business? We agree, so here are some thoughts from just a few of the coaching businesses we work with.

Do you want to level up your coaching business?

Our NLP practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses really can be the difference in how successful your coaching business is. We consider ourselves more than just a training company, and that's why our accelerate program exists - to make sure that your investment in NLP pays off and let's you run the successful coaching business you've always dreamed of.

We'd love to help you level up your coaching business - if you fancy a totally free, no obligation chat with one of our coaches, just fill that form over-there and one of the team will get back to you to see if we can help you.

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