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Our corporate clients come from manufacturing, service, public sector and third sectors, where we deliver leadership, coaching, NLP programmes and Executive Coaching, many of which are accredited by the ILM.

Our open or public NLP Practitioner and NLP Coaching and ILM Accredited Coaching courses are attended by Doctors, Sales people, Self employed coaches, Nurses, HR Professionals. IT Professionals, Business owners and Company directors.

Our current and clients we have worked with include:


Mrs Louise Walker B.Sc

Reference for Mr Steve Kay Quality Culture Re: Personal Breakthrough Day

I am a young business professional, I faired pretty well in the world I thought, whilst managing various aspects of myself which I believed were simply personality traits or behaviours and attitudes developed through my experiences in life. I struggled with my temper and frustration regularly; I often felt I wasn’t good enough and my internal “demons” backed this up regularly with negative internal dialogue which would be self perpetuating in telling me I had made a fool of myself, that people must think I’m an idiot etc. This was the most debilitating part, “What do people think of me” following any encounter I would dwell on how I might have been perceived, desperate to be thought well of, heaven forbid I should make a mistake or have a disagreement with someone, the negative emotions and limiting beliefs about myself would spiral effecting my behaviour and attitude, not to mention the atmosphere for the people trying to work with me. I had discussed these difficulties over the years with various friends and colleagues, getting responses such as “you’re a bit mixed up” and “psycho” When I met Steve, his response was “oh I can fix that in a day!” and so it began, my life changing day with Steve Kay. During my Personal Breakthrough Day Steve taught me how to rid myself of limiting beliefs, deal with unwarranted negative emotions, and take the learning’s from that with me into my future behaviours and attitudes. This was not psycho-babble, magical, illusion, hypnosis or otherwise it was simply questioning my internal representations of myself and reprogramming my mind in a positive way. I feel fantastic, my mood is positive, I don’t get annoyed or frustrated over silly matters; I have loads more time because I am not dwelling on issues! I cannot express how passionately I feel about the benefits of the breakthrough day. You have to want to change, but the decision alone to take the course with Steve was empowering and I felt real pride in myself for taking control of my emotions. I would be happy to recommend Steve Kay to anyone, and please email or ring me if you want to know more. Don’t use the short term, cheer yourself up with a “Shopping Spree” or “Chocolate and Wine” or a “Beer with the lads!” Spend the money with Steve; the investment in you is a long term fix that you can only benefit from, there is no down side to this. Kindest Regards and Good Luck Mrs Louise Walker Regional Sales Manager
Mr Steve Humberstone – HR Contact Centre Manager – RWE

Feedback on in house training at RWE npower

I would like to thank Steve for his support across the 2 sets of training activity that introduced NLP and the world of Linguistics to a number of Team Leaders in HR.  My aim was to enhance linguistic skills within centralised HR services and also to assist individuals to overcome limiting beliefs they had about themselves.  Steve fully engaged the groups and I am delighted to have seen a notable difference in a number of personnel and teams that attended.  Great job and a well worth investment.
Mr Peter Flynn

Reference Mr Steve Kay, Quality Culture Ltd Regarding my personal breakthrough day

I am a production manager at a large and well established company. I recently went on a training course set up by my company with Quality Culture Ltd. This course was so different from any course I have ever been on; it not only changed my outlook on my working life, but also my personal life. The content of the course was all about being a more positive person and showing various techniques on building a better working relationship with your team. The other difference was this course was led by Steve Kay. Whilst carrying out one of the coaching exercises on the course, Steve heard me discussing with my colleague that I was getting very down with my weight and that I had been trying for over 20 years but with little or no success. I also said that I would not go to the gym or swimming baths because of my size. I also felt that my size was seriously affecting my self confidence. I was at the point of considering paying up to £12,000 for a gastric bypass operation. Steve asked me if he could have the chance to help me. I was a little apprehensive to say the least, but realised I had nothing to lose, yet so much to gain. I contacted Steve and it was arranged for me to have a “Personal Breakthrough Day”. Part of the day was spent talking about how I felt about myself and how and what I had tried in the past to lose weight and possible reasons why I had failed. Steve had some very powerful techniques which taught me that the weight problem may be secondary and an effect of my low self esteem rather than the cause. Steve showed me how to remove my limiting beliefs and helped me to remove my negative emotions. I cannot even try to describe how I felt after my day with Steve, but everyone is now commenting on how I am glowing and appear 2 inches taller. I have found myself making decisions that would not even of entered my head, tending to choose healthier options when eating out, finding exercise easier and somehow less of an effort. I am currently looking at all of the local gyms to see which one is the best for me. I went swimming the other day, the first time in over 20 years. Now 2 weeks on I am 9lb lighter and still feeling so positive and confident. My day with Steve has had such a positive impact and was truly life changing. Please feel free to contact me via E-Mail or telephone if you would like to know more, you would not believe the benefits. Regards, Mr Peter Flynn