Our Customers

We’ve worked with thousands of people and organisation over the 2 decades we’ve been in business. Our corporate clients come from manufacturing, service, public sector and third sectors, where we deliver leadership, coaching, NLP programmes and Executive Coaching, many of which are accredited by the ILM.

And our public NLP Practitioner and NLP Coaching and ILM Accredited Coaching courses are attended by Doctors, Sales people, Self employed coaches, Nurses, HR Professionals. IT Professionals, Business owners and Company directors.

It’s easy for us to say we’re the best at what we do - but we think our customers say it better.

We also work closely with larger organisations, you might know a few of them...

Our clients include the NHS, DVLA, MOD, PHS, Npower, Horiba, Charnwood, Ricoh, Collins Aerospace and more

Would you say nice things about us?

Are you a business or individual who keeps asking the question “How do I/we improve sales / motivation / confidence / productivity?”

If so, then NLP training could be the answer, and we’d think that if you choose to come on one of our NLP training courses, you'd say nice things about us as well.

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