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Your Energy and How to Project It

If I was a millionaire, what would I look like walking my dog, Smudge, every morning? What would I be thinking about? What would I be focusing on and how would I respond when someone asks me, ‘How is business?’

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Your Identity and Mr Benn

I was watching a Chartered Financial Planner, Pete Matthew, on his channel the other evening and he was discussing the effect of retirement on most people. When someone retires, and they are asked what they do, they will probably reply that they are a ‘retired’ Teacher/Doctor/Nurse.

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Do Dogs Love Their Owners?

Anyone who has attended our ILM Leadership programmes may be familiar with the phrases, “Be More Dog” and, “Chemical Addiction”.

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90% of People have Limiting Beliefs

Do you ever doubt yourself? Or maybe you have success and you’re not sure how you achieved it because you don’t feel you deserve it. This is known a ‘Imposter Syndrome.’

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If we are surrounded by upbeat positive people, it tends to rub off on us too and if we are happy we tend to lift the mood of everyone we meet. Like the Pig of Happiness if you are happy then your mood will impact on your friends.

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Career Values

We are driven by our values, they are the factors which motivate us, they dictate where we spend our time and we unconsciously seek to fulfil them. By helping team members fulfil their values we can facilitate them in becoming more motivated and fulfilled because the work they are doing will give them meaning and […]

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The doctor and therapist Owen O’Kane, who described himself growing up in Northern Ireland as ‘Billy Elliot without the dance moves’, suggested that 60%-70% of our thoughts can be negative and that back in Neanderthal times it was helpful to have fearful thoughts which we now know as ‘negativity bias,’ for our safety. It is […]

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The Ripple Effect

It really fascinates me how some people are so unaware of the impact they have on the people around them. I’m very lucky in that I spend most of my working life working with extraordinarily positive and happy people as a Leadership and NLP Trainer. Both my colleagues at qualityculture and the vast majority of […]

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Innate Resilience

There are many workshops and articles that ‘teach’ you how to build resilience and many work at a ‘surface’ level by applying tools and techniques. BUT what if you discovered that you didn’t need to apply anything, that you are already resilient? What if you were born with an innate capacity for resilience and mental […]

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