*NEW* 3 Principles Coaching Programme

This year we are launching a brand-new coach training programme which we have been working on for some time now.

It is aimed at people who are coaching professionally or aspire to do so. And participants will also be awarded the Association of Coaching Advanced Accredited Diploma in Coaching – the AC’s highest qualification.

The 3 Principles Certified Coaching Programme has been designed to deliver you a personal transformation and give you a ‘rock solid belief’ that your coaching clients will achieve the results that they want.

Since applying the principles in our own lives, we have less preoccupation with what might happen in the future and spend more time in the present moment. We are calmer and are setting goals from our true selves and limiting beliefs we didn’t know we had have just fallen away.

We can also achieve very quick results with our clients. When we have worked with professional coaches, we have found that within a few minutes they are able to get rid of limiting beliefs, especially around the value they provide and what they can charge for their services. We have enabled people to live in a space where they are in the present and any doubts and worry melts away and stays that way. This has empowered them to move forward with their goals and they have taken action in ways they had never thought possible.

For more information about the programme and complimentary taster sessions, click here