Surfing the Wave

Many people say to me, ‘If only I was more confident, I’d be able to do what I really wanted.’

A mate of mine learned to surf a few years ago in North Devon……He told me that the Surf Dude’s lessons applied to life in general and to ‘taking opportunities’ when they arose.

He learned that he had to swim out to sea and wait for a wave, then lie on the board and learn to stand up. He fell off loads of times. Surf Dude told him not to wait for the ‘right’ wave but to jump on one that looked ‘about right’. My friend said that many people are scared to jump on the wave in case they fall off, or they wait too long saying, ‘I’m not ready for the wave yet, I need a better understanding of my profession.’

I was chatting to one of our delegates the other day who said they weren’t ready to start coaching – they felt they needed to understand more about NLP. I said many coaches don’t even learn NLP and so can’t work with Imposter Syndrome or Limiting Beliefs but they still coach. I suggested that they get a few people and just start coaching.

Here is what we are going to cover on our Accelerate Programme this week:

1. Prepare for an opportunity, e.g., learn to coach with NLP

2. Notice the opportunity when it arrives

3. Act on it

Many people fear the ‘unknown’ but, in fact, we are good in the ‘unknown’. We do well there otherwise we wouldn’t have learned to walk.