Did you know that ‘busyness’ is a word listed and defined in the Oxford dictionary? We are obsessed with being busy and filling our time. We wear ‘busyness’ as a badge of honour and status.

I came across this photo on Facebook this week, posted by a friend and it made me smile. For those that know me well, you will know that I was practically born in the equestrian saddle. Horses, like dogs are amazingly intelligent and intuitive…they sense your every feeling and mood and when your mind is busy and full, it impacts not only your behaviour but their behaviour too. As they are both such sentient creatures, they can assist you to become more mindful.

Back in 2019 I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Tim Gallwey, author of ‘The Inner game of Tennis’, amongst many other books. Tim was at Hertfordshire University and is an inspiration in both Coaching and Leadership (thank you Steve Kay & qualityculture Ltd for the away day).

Tim talks about us having two self’s…

Self 1 is our ego that fills our mind with noise and the busyness of life, it prevents us from seeing a clear path forward as we’re striving and fighting our everyday battles, which prevents us from being the very best versions of ourselves.

Self 2 is our inner wisdom, which we all have the capacity to access.

If we can distract our ego (Self 1), it allows us to free up our Self 2 and carve creative pathways for our future – and that is the difference between ‘mind full’ and ‘mindful’.

Think about it…when do you have your best ideas? Probably when you’re not stuck in a problem, frantically trying to fight your way out. When your mind is quiet, (for me, that’s mucking out a stable or walking my dog) that’s when your most amazing ideas occur.

Tapping into your inner wisdom and finding that seam of gold….that is what we love doing most at qualityculture Ltd & NLP UK Training.

Speaking of which, the latest episode of our inspirational podcast is out now, and in this episode, Steve and Kali delve into the intriguing concept of being “a norm.” Is being average holding you back from realising your full potential? Drawing inspiration from engaging anecdotes and well-researched sources, they explore the transformative power of stepping beyond the ordinary and shed light on the spectrum of organisational behaviours, from negative deviance to positive excellence, urging listeners to add a bit more spark and passion into their lives. With some insightful discussions on authenticity, mindset, and energy, this episode is a wake-up call for anyone ready to break the mold and live a life that’s a little less ordinary…

You can listen to that here.