Nice Shoes Make Me Happy

A few years ago, Kali showed me a picture of some new Jimmy Choo shoes she wanted for Christmas. I asked her why she wanted to spend £650 for a pair of shoes.

“Because they make me feel good”, she smiled.

In our latest episode of our video podcast, we explore the conversation further: Does Steve’s Audi make him happy? Does Manchester United’s loss on Saturday make him unhappy? Do some football pitches make you feel angrier than others?

Do other people make us angry/sad/unhappy? It certainly feels that way. This is what we call, ‘Outside In’, where we believe the way we feel comes from something external to us e.g. Donald Trump, the weather, our finance department etc. Whereas, the ‘Inside Out’ thinking principle states that our feelings come from what we project out from our belief system or script – our brain is best guessing at what is going on around us and we operate like a projectionist creating a movie, which then becomes our reality. For example, two people can look at the same pair of shoes and one loves them and the other doesn’t care. Or two people can be faced with the same task at work and one feels anxious and stressed whilst the other person takes it in their stride.

We all have the ability to realise that feelings about past and future events are coming from thought in the now, enabling us to experience a quieter mind and mental wellbeing.

We will be running a series of workshops for interested organisations and offering one to one coaching in the coming weeks. Watch this space to learn more or you can register your interest with Lorna on – she will make sure to send you information directly to your inbox when it is available.