Nice shoes make me happy... or do they?

Welcome back to the NLP UK Training podcast! Hosted by NLP Trainers Steve Kay and Kali Fraser from – a leading provider of NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner certification in the UK.

In this episode, Steve and Kali talk about Kali’s shoes. And Steve’s Audi. And how both these things make people feel really happy. Only, Steve’s Audi doesn’t make Kali feel happy… and her shoes don’t make Steve feel happy. Shoes and Audi’s aside, the core message of this episode is that our feelings don’t actually come from external sources (like shoes or cars), but from our thinking. It’s the interpretation and individual perception that determine the emotional response.

The conclusion? It’s not your shoes or car that is making you feel happy… It’s your thinking about these things that cause you to feel happy. Want to know more? Then this episode is worth a listen!


Length of episode: 17 Minutes Release date: 11/09/2023 Download Episode
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