Taking Action

Episode 11 of our podcast is all about taking action and getting things done. A number of our delegates are launching new businesses and they think they are being effective and building a business, but they are NOT.

Typically, we are told, ‘I’m having a website built and doing some ‘Facebook lives.’ They think they are busy, but they are AVOIDING getting customers by doing other stuff.

The same mindset occurs in the corporate world – I once coached a Health and Safety Manager who focused on writing policies and procedures before assessing risk areas and putting plans in place to address them with local managers!

In this episode, Kali and I give you some hot tips on how to start getting customers. We also discuss stretching goals and how to achieve results.

Enjoy and share our podcast series if you like it – we’ve had some really positive feedback from it including this comment on the ‘From limiting beliefs to a thriving coaching business‘ episode from a podcast listener on Spotify:

“Hello! As I start out as a self-employed coach I needed a confidence boost and was so fortunate to find this podcast! Such practical and actionable advice, which shifted my mindset vitally. Thank you!”