It's time to take Action

Welcome back to the NLP UK Training podcast! Hosted by NLP Trainers Steve Kay and Kali Fraser from – a leading provider of NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner certification in the UK.

In this episode, Steve and Kali delve into the essence of “Taking Action.” Reflecting on past experiences, they share insights into how acting on your passion and goals, rather than prolonged deliberation, can yield incredible results in both your personal and professional lives.

This episode challenges you to reflect on what Kali and Steve have discussed then set yourself ambitious goals, and more importantly, to act on them promptly. The results will speak for themselves, but the honest truth is most people aren’t taking action… and no one else can do it for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Length of episode: 13 Minutes Release date: 25/09/2023 Download Episode