Your Script

Have you ever wondered why some things don’t seem possible to you? For example, getting a promotion or setting up your own business.

Well, it’s because you have deeply ingrained beliefs and values that allow you to see the world in certain way. Rather like an old vinyl record, the stylus will follow one groove.

It looks like we see the world through the two windows of our eyes with data streaming in to make pictures, but actually our brain sends out predictions, best guessing what is going on, ‘projecting’ from our script onto the outside world, which is why we sometimes recognise someone but then realise it wasn’t them at all.

The projectionist is our brain drawing information from our script best guessing what is happening outside of us but it all comes from inside.

Nature allows the human being to adapt to its environment. At birth we already have twice the neuron connections we will need as an adult. Our parents/carers ‘tune and prune’ these to enable us to survive and flourish in the environment we are born into. All very well but it depends who our ‘development engineers’ were. Did they, for example, compare your academic ability to your elder sibling causing a feeling of ‘not good enough’ in later life? Now, this would have all been done for the best intention and was probably from their own script, so move on….

We recently had a coaching client who wanted to increase her prices but felt that she couldn’t charge as much as some of her competitors. After finding out more about her situation she realised that she had a feeling of scarcity.

‘Where is that coming from?’ asked Kali.
‘From my script, but I don’t know how it got there.’ the coachee replied.
‘Why does it matter where it came from?’ Kali asked.

The coachee sighed and breathed out.

‘So, how do you feel about pricing now? Kali prompted.
‘It’s like the numbers have no meaning attached to them now.’ she said. ‘I can charge a much higher rate!’

The coachee later recalled a conversation she had had with her mum a few weeks earlier. Her mum had been brought up during rationing following the second world war, and as a child the daughter was always told to finish everything on her plate. During the conversation her mum had asked her about work and how it was going.

‘Pretty quiet this month, Mum.’
‘Oh’ her mum exclaimed with a concerned expression.
‘It’s ok, quite normal in a school holiday period’ the coachee replied.

We had a discussion with her, but she couldn’t pin point anything specific, in fact her mum had always encouraged her, but it came from somewhere…

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