Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness


It was a freezing cold November night in Nottingham City centre and the queue of people waiting for hot and cold food and warm drinks wound up Trinity Square and around the corner. Tracy’s Street Kitchen is a charity that feeds and clothes homeless and vulnerable people that was founded by its namesake just over two years ago and is run by an army of volunteers.

Tracy’s story is sadly not uncommon

In 1981, aged just 14 she found herself homeless and sleeping rough on the streets, vulnerable to acts of aggression and violence from other rough sleepers and members of the public who sadly see homeless people as an easy target. Her future could have been extremely different if it were not down to her sheer determination, effort, hard-work and the act of just one man who believed in her, who could see her potential and offered her kindness. Andrew is that man. He now manages the charity’s administration and donations but back then he made sure Tracy had food and drink on a daily basis and gave her the support of friendship which gradually started to develop Tracy’s self-belief and confidence.

Tracy now has a home and family of her own, is a qualified teacher in full time employment, as well as running her charity which includes preparing vast pots of nutritious food for her ‘homeless family’ and organising her volunteers. Tracy works hard to give back that kindness that one person gave to her back in 1981.

So often I hear people moaning about life, work, work colleagues, money… rather than being thankful for the things that they have got. Tracy’s story demonstrates that no matter what curve balls life throws your way, with the right attitude and a little kindness anything is achievable.

So, the next time you hear yourself about to voice something negative, just remember…In a world where you could be anything, be kind.