Become a great leader and coach using NLP

How does NLP impact on Leadership?

If you are in an upbeat positive mood, if you are confident, if you set and achieve goals, you will inspire others… or will you?

What if it is not true that we can inspire others?

What if people can only inspire themselves?

What if people can only become inspired when they decide to be?

The trick is, how can you facilitate that happening? Behaviour breeds behaviour, so they may consciously and unconsciously copy your actions and behaviours. I think delegating and coaching are key tools that you can use. I’m absolutely convinced that you, the leader or coach, have to believe that the person you are working with has that flame inside them which I describe as a ‘seam of gold’.

Remember, you are the one who turns their light switch on but they already have the potential energy inside them. Kim Cameron advocates leaders having positive relationships, which furthers his concept of ‘positive deviation’ in which teams flourish, bringing the organisation success. Positive relationships reduce stress levels and impact on health and well being. Daniel Goleman suggests that where leaders are positive and emotionally intelligent this translates to bottom line results. It’s worth exploring how coaching can be used in leadership and some other approaches you can use to get results.