Career Values

We are driven by our values, they are the factors which motivate us, they dictate where we spend our time and we unconsciously seek to fulfil them. By helping team members fulfil their values we can facilitate them in becoming more motivated and fulfilled because the work they are doing will give them meaning and purpose.

We are not consciously aware of some of our values so giving someone a list of 50 words and asking them to circle their top ten will not elicit some of their deepest core values. The good news is that we have a method to achieve this, which can be used by any leader to coach their team members on becoming more fulfilled and therefore more engaged, and we teach it on the NLP Coach Practitioner Course.

Tom leads the accounts team for a large multinational organisation. When asked how many of his team were engaged he replied, ‘Half of them but when I elicit and coach the remainder of them in fulfilling their values they will be too.’