COVID-19 and all that!

I was enjoying a walk on the Bath Grounds in Ashby this morning with Smudge, our Cocker Spaniel, when I met a retired chap I know called John. John is a big Leicester City fan and they are doing very well at the moment.

“Can you believe what’s happening?”, he said. I replied, “What, Leicester being in the top four?” That brought a smile to his face. “Yes, that as well.”

A woman joined us, “How are you?” grinned John. “Not bad. Surviving. I should have been in Tenerife this week”, she replied gloomily. “Anyway, I’m Derby County fan”, she said. “You should be used to bad news then”, laughed John.

Now normally John and I discuss the weekend footie. He said he’d actually started having conversations with his wife now, with no matches being played. “I just found out she has been made redundant by Woolworths!”, he joked. “I’m not missing all the betting adverts either”, I said.

And that brings me round to telling you what we are up to. We have shifted to delivering Leadership training to a Government department through live video links, using Microsoft teams, which is working well thanks to Matt and Kali. And we are also developing an on-line platform to deliver the NLP Coach Practitioner, which enables home study combined with webinars and we will then invite delegates in for two days of face to face demonstrations of techniques to get fully certified. More on this to come shortly.

Speak soon.


Steve Kay