How to Create Engaging and Motivated Employees

How to Achieve Engaged and Motivated Staff


The best organisations have engaged and motivated employees who are happy and enjoy their work. So how do we achieve this?

According to Tom Rath it is all about identifying a person’s strengths in their early years. His research shows that where leadership fails to focus on individual strengths, employee engagement is 9%, whereas when the leadership focuses on and develops strengths, engagement is 73%.

He also suggests that learning about your strengths increases confidence because you spend more time doing what you are good at. STRENGTHS = CONFIDENCE

A study of 7660 people found that those with higher confidence aged 14-22 in 1979 earned more and still, 25 years later, had a higher rate of earnings than those with lower confidence

In addition, after these 25 years, the people with lower levels of confidence reported 3 times more health problems, the high confidence group reported fewer health problems and the people who had had the opportunity to find their strengths and use them aged 15-23 had significantly high job satisfaction and income 26 years later.

My dad suggested I studied Engineering when I was fifteen but maths was a weakness. My own son enjoys the Arts and English (and Fifa ) so that is where our focus is.

Our in-house Brilliant Leadership workshop shows leaders how to identify strengths, multiple intelligences, the career values of their team members and how to coach them in developing those areas. We are also now launching an open Leadership programme which will include all this good stuff too. If you are interested in this High Impact Leadership Programme, which will give you the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management, give us a call and ask for Lorna.