Innate Resilience

There are many workshops and articles that ‘teach’ you how to build resilience and many work at a ‘surface’ level by applying tools and techniques. BUT what if you discovered that you didn’t need to apply anything, that you are already resilient? What if you were born with an innate capacity for resilience and mental health?

Our bodies are able to self-heal when we have a cut, or other physical conditions, we vomit if we are ill to rid our bodies of impurities and toxins or we get a fever to heat up our body to kill a virus.

We all have an innate resilience. We have evolved from thousands of generations who have adapted to living on this planet. Your ancestors survived famine, drought, war and according to Darwin only the strongest survived which means you have evolved from a strong gene pool.

We were born perfect and can self-regulate like a snow globe or a muddy puddle that will eventually clear. You know how one day something can really bother you but the next day after a good night’s sleep you have more clarity and it feels less of a concern? Well that is our in-built mental self-regulation. You see it in young children – one moment they can be really upset and the next they can be laughing.

Once we understand that our feelings can only come from THOUGHT, not from events outside of us, we can allow our mind to settle like the snow globe. We will have a feeling of peace as our mind resets to its natural default position. You can say to yourself, ‘It is just thought.’

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Steve Kay