James Bond Cars on Top Gear

What a fantastic platform BBC iPlayer is. I watched the replay of a Richard Hammond Top Gear special the other day. The programme tracked all the Bond cars from the first films.

I still remember watching in awe as the Aston Martin DB5 from Gold Finger spewed black smoke over a pursuing baddie – only to learn there was a small man in the boot with a smoke machine. And that the underwater submarine Lotus from The Spy Who loved Me was not really underwater, it was a scaled down model and they used Alka Seltzer tablets to create the bubbles. No Way! A shattered belief! l had guessed that the Moonraker space station was a model but not the ejector seat in the DB5 or the underwater Lotus which destroyed a helicopter!

What else have I been believing that was actually my imagination distorting the event?

Here are some I have reframed over the years:

I can do maths. It is hard, but when your nine year old is struggling with homework you have the will to learn.
I can be successfully self employed (a limiting belief from a long time ago). I also realised in my second year of self employment that I had more security than when I was employed as a manager!
I can lose weight. A couple of years ago I lost 12lbs and bought a new bike to maintain it.

So that’s just for starters. What limiting/untrue belief(s) are you holding on to?

Have a listen to our latest podcast (Episode 4) for more insights into how our beliefs impact us. Enjoy!