Leading with a smile – The Norway Option

In the last few weeks there has been a groundswell of support for the Norway Option. It will hopefully keep us in Europe this year and next. No, it is not ‘Common Market 2’, I’m talking about the resurgence of Man United under Ole Gunnar Solskjær, their new caretaker manager. Since taking over from Jose Mourinho, United have gained 25 points in nine league games taking them above Chelsea and into the coveted top 4 league position which, if sustained, will guarantee them a place in the European Champions League next season.

I know you may be thinking, ‘How does this apply to me?’

Well, here is what Ole has done and you can apply the same concepts in your role:

Ole leads with a smile and has created a positive atmosphere from day one. His language is positive and his focus is on success. Think of it as focusing on winning rather than NOT losing.

He has achieved this by adopting a counter attacking strategy focused on scoring goals whilst strengthening the defence with attacking and midfield players who willingly track back.

He coaches the strikers and passes on his own knowledge to build their confidence and capability.

He has looked at strengths and put people in their best roles.

Performance is rewarded and therefore his best performing players are selected, although he does also give others a chance to shine.

The players are happier, the fans are happier, and the United Board may well go for the ‘Norway’ option on a full-time basis.

That was until they got stuffed by PSG in the first leg of the knockout recently! Will Ole be able to bounce back and win 3 nil in Paris? That is the test. Has he got the resilience to bounce back after a setback? And have you?