London Weekend Television


by Andy Cope, Key Note Speaker; Author of Spy Dog and Founder of Art of Brillance Ltd www.artofbrilliance.co.uk

Being of a certain age, LWT stands for ‘London Weekend Television’. I’ve been reading Robin Sharma’s book, based on the concept of ‘Leadership Without a Title’ so I’m grappling with my perception of LWT.

LWT (the latter rather than the former!) tunes in brilliantly to the NLP ethos of ‘being your best self’. Not all of us have ‘Leader’ or ‘Manager’ in our job title. Indeed, a delegate approached me at a recent conference and basically said, ‘this is all well and good, but I’m only an IT technician. I’m not sure I can apply it.’ Which perplexed me a little. Cue lots of rubbing of chin and quizzical pondering. I have obviously been pitching it wrong.

Sharma’s LWT nailed it for me in an ‘it’s-so-obvious-how-can-I-have-not-seen-it-before’ kind of way. Being brilliant is about you, not your job title. The question is, I guess, what does the best IT technician look, sound and feel like? I’m assuming that all of you reading this are already technically competent at doing your job. That’s a given. The NLP perspective simply asks the question, what attitude and approach makes me world class? What do I have to do to inspire people? And that ladies and gents goes way beyond job competence