Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

What is Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence?


The latest thinking and research proves that emotions are created and, contrary to the work of Daniel Goleman, are not just seated in the amygdala part of the brain. It also argues that events do not ‘trigger’ emotions such as road rage or anger at a work situation. Rather, that a set of behaviours are learned and the brain is continually predicting how to respond based on those concepts or patterns of behaviour we have learned. It feels like they are triggered but your brain is just putting together learned behaviour. So, if emotions are not triggered that gives us a greater level of personal responsibility for our emotional state.

What is fascinating is that 90% of the information flow from the brain is going outward. If your brain merely reacted to the light waves that hit your retina via your thalamus, then it would take many neurons to carry that visual information to the visual cortex. Instead, 90% of all connections coming into the visual cortex carry predictions from neurons in other parts of the cortex. Only a small part is made of visual input.

So, your brain is continually predicting what you a reading. In fact, right now, you are guessing at the next word that is going to come out of my nose. If the brain did not use predictions your head would have to be much larger. Hurray for predictions!

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