NEW! 3 day NLP Diploma

The 3 Day NLP Diploma

Recently we have had more and more enquiries requesting a shorter introduction course to NLP from people who are not necessarily ready to commit to the 7 day programme yet but who know that basic NLP will really help them in their current careers or with their personal circumstances. So, we have listened and we are pleased to announce that we can now provide the Certified NLP Diploma which is recognised by the ABNLP.

Who should attend the NLP Diploma training?

Anybody who is open to new ways of thinking; Up and coming talent who have the potential to deliver results; Anybody who is prepared to be stretched and who would like to achieve more; Anyone who want to improve their personal and professional lives.

We are looking for people who take personal responsibility for themselves; people who want to be with other like minded positive people; and people who want to create better organisations and communities.

How does the course work?

On booking your course with us, we send you out an audio programme of 18 CDs which, as a bonus, contains all the support materials for the full Certified Practitioner of NLP. This will give you a good grounding in the subject and means we will have more knowledgeable delegates to start working with! You will also receive the full NLP Practitioner manual too! We suggest you listen to the CDs twice through as part of your precourse study and before you come on the course there is a test to complete containing 20 questions. These will support your understanding of the material and form part of the certification process.

What is the Diploma in NLP Programme Content?

Day One:

We learn about the mind body connection and how our state of mind impacts on our behaviour and actions and eventually our results! We learn how to monitor our self-talk and ask ourselves better questions, which in turn puts us in a more resourceful frame of mind. We then move on to the cornerstone of NLP – Personal Responsibility and how you can have more personal power and achieve more. Then we look at the attitudes and beliefs held by successful people.

We also learn how to build rapport and how to get in tune with other people and their model of the world and how we can build better rapport using eye patterns and words that fit with others’ favoured representational systems. And we learn how to notice changes in people’s physiology and how we can see if we are gaining rapport.

Day Two:

We learn how we encode meaning to events and our beliefs. We learn how to give people more belief and confidence using a simple techniques called submodality change. As delegates work in pairs they get to experience it themselves, so not only do you learn a lot about NLP, you also get a software clean up too! Similar techniques can be used for a variety of application such as becoming more confident in delivering presentations.

Day Three:

Language is key to NLP. We learn how to read between the lines of what people are saying. Do they have choices? Are they taking personal responsibility? We learn how to ask questions which gets them in to a more resourceful state. We continue by learning how to uncover the meaning of what people are deleting and generalising as they convert their thoughts into words using the Meta Model. We also learn hierarchy of ideas and chunking.

The Milton Model is used in hypnosis to by-pass our natural mental deflector that says “won’t work for me” and during this course we will learn how to use Milton language for business and presentations and how to tell business metaphorical stories.The course finishes with a simple techniques called the Swish Pattern which can be used to increase confidence in specific occasions. e.g. delivering presentations or dealing with a difficult situation. And finally, we learn how to create a resource anchor so that we can get into a resourceful state whenever we wish.

The design of this Diploma programme enables delegate, on completion of the 3 days programme, who wish to continue their learning, to do an additional 4 days training to complete the full Practitioner training and gain certifications as an NLP Coach and Time Line Therapy Practitioner.

Standard course price for the 3 day diploma is £695 + VAT (£834). To book courses or for further information, please contact Lorna Maskell 0771 902 8480