What is the NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy Course?

What is NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy?

Would you like to advance your NLP skill set to become more effective in your execution than ever before? The NLP Master Coaching and Hypnotherapy programme incorporates a wide range of techniques, exercises and advanced language patterns enabling you to build on the foundation of skills and knowledge you have previously developed during your NLP Practitioner Training.

In this course, you will master the art of communication in a way that allows you to address and influence people of all backgrounds and seniority purely through conversation.

During the course, you will work on your own professional and personal goals and you will have the opportunity to spend an entire day with a partner working on their breakthroughs using the methodology learned during the course.

Additionally, the programme includes; Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching at Master Practitioner Levels. The training course is intentionally designed to be divided into a 5 day and a 7-day block with around 4 weeks separation in between. This allows delegates to implement and practice the techniques learned in the first 5 days in their professional and personal lives before continuing and refining in the final stage of the programme.


NLP Master Coaching and Hypnotherapy – Course Content

In this course, you will learn how to apply language in a highly effective manner in coaching and business settings. We teach and develop your understanding of the Milton and Meta Models to an advanced level which will enable you to penetrate and alleviate limiting beliefs and unhelpful and unempowered mind states enabling the people you work with to feel driven, more effective and filled with self-belief.


Included in the Programme


Quantum Linguistics

Learn how to induce powerful positive changes in other people using multidimensional language patterns.

Advanced Presuppositions of Language

This enables better communication patterns and clever questioning skills to better enable some to change their thinking.

Utilising Model Operators Linguistically

Be able to identify attitudes based on Model Operators then elegantly use them to lead someone from Can’t to Can.

Myers Briggs and Complex Meta Programmes

Learning more about the meta programmes is useful to determine personality types in interviews and in group activities so that individuals understand and appreciate core differences in strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives. The proper implementation of the Meta Programmes is essential for NLP Coaching, management positions, and forming an effective team.

Learn how to direct someone’s energy and focus so that they can become achievers in all areas of life by aligning them in all areas of their life. If someone does not know their values they will lack the energy and basic motivations to do well in any of their endeavours whether professional or personal.

Values Level Thinking

Learn what peoples perspectives are based on what they hold of value. Understanding Values Level Thinking will perfectly place you a position for working in one on ones and within groups and companies to enable a thriving work environment. You will learn how to utilise the Values Inventory and how to determine where an individual may be getting “stuck” due to a poor thinking strategy or conflict. This approach will help you reveal how they can alter their thinking so they can have, be and do whatever they would like to do. This is also a very important area of organisational change leading people through to values level seven is essential as it is closely linked with the organisational paradigms and provides an added layer of confidence.

Values Hierarchy and Changing Values

Learn sleight of mouth patterns and the art of re-framing any problems or issues by identifying how a person’s Values Hierarchy works at a deeper level. You will learn how to use the Values Hierarchy not only to align an individual to their goals and objectives but organisations too.

Prime Concerns

Enable your coachee to transform the way they process thoughts and remove boundaries and limiting beliefs and values. This is an extremely effective and powerful technique that reveals the true meaning of words and the language that is used by an individual. Every communication represents a deeper underlying emotion or issue that is missing at a deeper level.

Meta Model III

A quick acting technique that can resolve issues in minutes using a linguistic process.


NLP is based on modelling others to create a blueprint for their success. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner you can model successful competitors and start to produce similar results!

Breakthrough Session

Put all the skills you have learned into practice in one 8 hour long breakthrough session with another attendant of the course. You will each have the opportunity to spend 8 hours aligning yourself with your goals!

Master NLP Coach

Understand how to Coach people as they transcend the different Values Levels. Learn strategies for motivation and how and where they should be used within your coaching.

Master Time Line Therapy

Work on an unconscious level and reverse the effects of negative experiences. Learn the incredibly powerful Drop Down technique and regression.

Master Hypnosis

Hypnosis uses the implementation of trance techniques we can induce changes in peoples lives through the power of positive suggestion. Although hypnosis may seem like a fringe technique it is used commonly in all sectors as part of staff well-being programmes. Light trances are used and feel no different than the stages leading up to sleep.


Learn content that includes: –


  • Eriksonian Inductions
  • David Elman Inductions
  • Estabrooks Inductions
  • Convincers
  • Double Induction
  • Pendulum Induction
  • Other Ideomotor Signals & Rapid Induction Techniques



Learn deepening strategies such as fractionation whilst using metaphor based stories combined with trance techniques.

This programme is fully licensed and all graduates can apply to become a member of the board of the American Board Of Hypnotherapy.


The ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

On completion of this course, you will achieve an entirely new level of credibility to your Master Practitioner qualification. It is a highly recognised and renowned award that will create opportunities for a large number of organisations and companies, increasing the number of opportunities to gain sponsors for your programmes and training events.

This course is designed to significantly improve your leadership skills including delegation and team building skills. Training at an executive level will lend specific support and strategic initiatives when required.

A minimum of 20 hours coaching is required to complete the ILM 7 programme with applicable evidence. This is a process that you will begin whilst you are still on the course and something you can continue to build on afterwards by networking with professionals that would benefit from coaching. This is a great first step to growing your business as you will meet your very first potential customers with the possibility of forming relationships that lead to ongoing work or referrals in the future.

This course will provide you with a wide variety of additional tools and techniques that will enable you to give your coachee more confidence and self-certainty so that they can achieve more in a shorter space of time.

There is a support pack, which includes 10 CDs on NLP and Coaching at Master Practitioner level and an insight into business strategy and leadership. There will be textbooks on coaching included together with recommended wider reading.