Lesson 10

Lesson 10

Taking action to change your script.

Length of course: 10-15 Minutes Lesson format: Reading

Everything which has come through your filters is stored and contributes to your model of reality or as Richard Wilkins calls it your ‘script.’ Your script is formed in the early years by your parents. Your ‘script-writer’ had his or her script written by someone who was probably born a long time ago. So, if your mum was born in the 1960s or 70s, her mum would probably have been born around the time of the Second World War.

If she grew up in the UK it would have been during times of depression, war, scarcity and rationing so values such as not wasting food and eating all your dinner may have been passed onto your mum as she was growing up.

The belief in scarcity could lead to a need for security. There will have been all sorts of beliefs and values passed down through generations with the very ‘best’ of intentions. If you listen to your Gran, you may hear her saying things like ‘Don’t get above your station.’ Or ‘money is the root of all evil.’ And ‘things come to those who wait.’ And ‘you are lucky to be in a good job. Meanwhile your mum may have encouraged you to get a good education and join a ‘blue chip’ company.

Our script makes us who we are, it is our blue print for the way we experience the world and the events around us. It contains our deepest values and beliefs and is what causes our perceptions. That’s right I’ll say it again because it is so important. The way we experience the world is governed by our script, what you see or the opportunities you are not seeing is because of your current script.

Your script is dictating how much you earn, whether you are employed or ‘self employed and if you are self employed how much you charge for your services.

Your script though is not who you really are. Let’s talk about your ego, essentially your ego or ‘self’ knows all about you, all about your past BUT it knows nothing about your future and will try to maintain the status quo. It will try to keep you in the ‘costume’ you have been wearing for a while. However, you can try a new costume on. You did this when you left education and went into employment and you have probably worn a few different ones since. You can be anything you want to be if you are prepared to work at it. Firstly though, you will have to change your script otherwise you will keep attracting the same information through your filters.

I want you to start challenging the way you see the world and the value you can add to others. If you look at the area you live in you may see a skip outside a house and a truck delivering some new furniture. There are people spending money all around you, so how can you divert some of that into your bank account?


  • In what areas of your life is your current script holding you back?
  • What would you like your career to look like?
  • What would you like in your personal life that you currently don’t have?
  • What actions can you take to achieve your career and personal aspirations?