Lesson 14

Lesson 14

Revisiting your goals to make sure you are committed.

Length of course: 5-10 Minutes Lesson format: Reading

 Decide why you want it and set it

I discovered that with all my goals that were successful I had made a conscious decision to do it. For example, with my book ‘Become a Great Leader and Coach’ I had been working on it on and off for a couple of years. It was only in January 2017 that I decided I wanted the content to be available to lots of people, so I decided I would complete it by the 1st of September and planned in the time to write it.

Until you decide to set your goal it will be a moving ‘wish.’ However, once you commit you will have more purpose and energy.


Write out your three goals and think about why you want them. What will they enable you to BE, DO or HAVE? If you don’t feel one of them is really a goal, then swap it for another goal.

Next decide to set them, make a commitment to yourself that you are definitely going to do them and by when!

Take your time and revisit them over the next couple of days to make sure that you have committed.