Lesson 16

Lesson 16

Score how much you really want each of your goals out of 10.

Length of course: 5 Minutes Lesson format: Reading

Have a strong desire for your goal

I would quite like a Porsche 911 they look nice particularly in blue like my friend Gareth’s. Paul around the corner has bought a new Carrera S. However, there are only two seats and we are a family of three plus a black Cocker Spaniel. A Porsche would be nice, but I have no emotional desire to have one. Whereas when I selected my first Audi A6 Quattro I was eating, breathing and sleeping it. I would watch reviews and test drives every evening.

It is vital to have goals, which excite us and create emotion and motivation. I discovered that if I am really passionate about something then I put more energy into achieving it. So, think carefully, about your three goals. How much do you want them? Put a score out of ten against each one.

If you don’t have a 9 or ten for each goal, have you decided why you want it? Don’t be concerned about your confidence in achieving it we will work on that later on.


Score how much you want each of your goals of out 10