Lesson 20

Lesson 20

The Certainty Game!

Length of course: 5 Minutes Lesson format: Reading

Have a Certainty and Belief you will achieve it

I realised a few years ago that my goals, which did not come to fruition, were those which; I did not really have a strong desire for or I lacked commitment, or I did not have a 10/10 certainty or belief that I could achieve them and as a result I only put in a half-hearted effort.

Well we can do something, which will increase our certainty. We do this on training courses when we teach goal setting. It’s called the ‘Certainty Game.’

Think of a goal, which you are not certain you can achieve. If it were 5, 6, or 7 out of ten for example I would ask you ‘how certain were you that when you came back from lunch there would be a carpet on the floor (or wooden flooring) in the room?’ And you would reply ten. ‘Now how certain are you that you can achieve your goal?’ And you would say seven, eight or nine. ‘Now once again how certain are you there would be a carpet on the floor?’ ‘Ten,’ you would reply. ‘Hold onto that feeling, how certain are you, that you can achieve your goal?’ ‘Ten’ you reply. You can do the same thing about your home e.g. ‘How certain were you when you walked into your home there would be a carpet in the lounge?’

It works because we keep the same internal representation from the certainty of the chairs and technically it is what is known as a submodality technique.

Now repeat the process for your other two goals.


Keep reading and visualising your goals every morning and evening.