Are you really that busy? Or just caught in the "Busyness" trap...

Welcome back to the NLP UK Training podcast! Hosted by NLP Trainers Steve Kay and Kali Fraser from – a leading provider of NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner certification in the UK.

In this episode, Steve and Kali talk about the “busyness trap” and how it can affect your life. They highlight the tendency for people to prioritize busyness as a symbol of success, often wearing it as a badge of honour. However, they question the actual value of busyness and will challenge you to reflect on the tasks you engage in daily.

You’ll be taken through the “Big Impact, Little Impact” exercise, which helps you identify activities that significantly impact your desired outcomes… versus those that consume time without leading to any substantial results.

Length of episode: 17 Minutes Release date: 10/07/2023 Download Episode
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