Input Equals Output: Mastering the Sausage Machine of Life

Welcome back to the NLP UK Training podcast! Hosted by NLP Trainers Steve Kay and Kali Fraser from – a leading provider of NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner certification in the UK.

Today, Steve and Kali delve into the intriguing analogy of the “sausage machine,” introduced by Richard Wilkins, to explain the principle of input and output in personal and professional development. The discussion explores how the quality of what you put into your life directly influences the results you get out, mirroring the process of making sausages with specific ingredients to achieve the desired product.

They emphasise the importance of feeding positive inputs into our lives to foster happiness, success, and good relationships. This episode is essential for anyone looking to enhance their mindset and achieve better outcomes in all aspects of life by consciously adjusting what they ‘feed’ into their personal sausage machine.

Length of episode: 11 Minutes Release date: 10/06/2024