So…I was having a girlie night in with my friend’s 12-year-old daughter and after painting toe nails and face packs, what else can you do? Personally, I would crack open the wine but I have to remember I’m a responsible adult, so a movie seems to be the next best thing.

At this point I must state that this article comes with a ‘health warning’: If you’ve not yet seen Shrek 3 and want to, I’m about to ruin the story line for you.

It starts with King Harold on his deathbed with his dying wish that Shrek should inherit the throne. Shrek, on the other hand, so doesn’t want it. He values his swamp and his life with Princess Fiona far more than any crown. He pleads with the King if there is a direct heir that could rule the land of Far, Far Away and as it happens there is…Princess Fiona’s cousin, Artie.

To preserve his private values Shrek sets out on a mission to find Artie and discovers him in what we would describe as a public school. Artie is ridiculed by fellow class mates and teachers alike, he has no credence, no sporting accolades and no apparent financial assets – Artie considers himself a loser because everyone else does. Shrek assures Artie that this is not the case, that the old King valued him and wanted him to rule the Kingdom. So off they go, back to the land of Far, Far Away.

In their absence evil Prince Charming has waged war on Far, Far Away in order to take the Kingdom for himself. He has secured the aid of fairy tale villains manipulating their weaknesses. Shrek and Artie return to chaos. They are taken captive and Prince Charming, in a bid to end the life of the true heir, demands to know who the old King named as his successor. To save Artie’s life Shrek admits it’s himself. Artie is released but all his new-found self-belief is shattered, and he once more becomes ‘the loser’. Wallowing in negativity and self-pity Artie turns his back on Shrek, who awaits his death at the hands of Charming.

Princess Fiona and friends (who have been imprisoned) have managed to escape captivity and come across the despondent Artie. They tell him that Shrek has sacrificed himself to save Artie’s life. Artie is mortified by this news and sets out with them to put things right. The party confront Charming as he is about to kill Shrek, a fight ensues, and the villains capture Fiona. Artie, learning from his experiences, gives a rousing speech and convinces the villains that just because they are being treated like losers does not mean that they have to be losers. Touched by Artie’s speech, all the villains agree to give up their evil ways. Charming is got rid of, Shrek preserves his values and returns to his swamp and Artie becomes a worthy King.

What a fantastic story that depicts how self-worth, belief, values and positivity win the day!