Now is the best time to set goals. That is if you have not already set them at the beginning of January. In fact, any day is a good day to set goals if you have not started yet!

Your goals should be ‘Towards’. By that I mean they should be set with the intention of gaining something you want rather than the intention of getting ‘Away From’ something. An example of an ‘Away From’ goal is: “I want to make x amount of money by the end off the month because I am worried that there is a lack of sales at the moment”. When your goal is a positive towards it will release the right energy. e.g. “I want to make x amount of money by the end of the month because that will mean I have smashed my sales target!” This applies to all goals personal and professional. A personal goal for me as a learner golfer is to get my handicap by Easter. Not hitting less bad shots.

I have learned that a goal only becomes a goal when you DECIDE to do it. This is a commitment rather than an, ‘I’m going to.’ By deciding and committing it presupposes action.

Next it is important that you BELIEVE you can achieve it. If you have any doubts, you will not have the same energy. A simple way of increasing your certainty is to ask yourself, “On a scale of one to 10 how certain am I that I can achieve my goal?” Maybe you give yourself a six. Next, ask yourself how certain you are that there is a sofa in your lounge or a carpet on the floor. It will seem an obvious ten! Now, because your brain will still be holding that belief and feeling, straight away ask yourself, “How certain am I that I can achieve my goal?”. It should increase. Repeat the process very quickly, over and over, until it is a ten.

A great way to write out a goal is to make it as if it has already been achieved: “I play golf once a week and I am now playing off 24.”

Finally, take action and read your goal every day.