What is Positive Leadership?

I rather like Kim Cameron’s approach to positive leadership.

There are four categories:

Positive Climate
This involves creating positive feelings, having appreciation for people, giving thanks and moving on when mistakes are made, or as he calls it, forgiveness.

Positive Relationships
Oxytocin release lowers blood pressure and makes you feel good especially when you do something for someone else. This can be achieved by increasing trust, random acts of kindness and developing and building on people’s strengths.

Positive Communication
Affirmative supportive language replaces criticism. The ratio of positive statements of at least 3 – 1 by giving more praise and less criticism. Asking coaching questions such as, ‘What would success look like?’

Giving people a Positive Meaning
When people have a purpose it gives meaning and fulfilment, or as Simon Sinek calls it, having a ‘Why’. It is more than having a job, more like a vocation. Helping people understand the impact of their work will enhance this.

Wishing all our readers a kind and positive Christmas Season!