You Are Unique

That’s right, you are unique.

(based on Cats don’t bark by Shane Hipps)

Of all the billions of people born in the world before you, not one of them was like you and no one will ever be born in the future the same as you. This means that comparing yourself to someone else is pretty pointless and, dare I say it, self-limiting. There will always be a better footballer, dancer, gymnast or mathematician than you, unless your name is Cristiano Ronaldo and apparently he is pretty average at dancing and maths! The problem is, kids make comparisons about themselves with more academic or sporty classmates and before you know it, at around the age of seven, they have the seeds of a limiting belief planted within themselves and we hear them using phrases like, “I can’t do that.”

According to Tom Rath in his book, ‘Strengths Based Leadership’, if we identify a young person’s strengths between the ages of 15 and 23 they become more confident, enjoy what they are doing and are happier. What is also fascinating is that where organisations focus on employees’ strengths, engagement is 73%. Where they don’t focus on strengths, it is only 9%. It is therefore vital to build on what your employees are good at and enjoy doing. And the killer question to ask your management colleagues is, “What is your focus at appraisal time?”

For many adults who are doing their best to pay a mortgage, bring up kids, scrape together enough for a holiday but may feel a bit of self-doubt or need for security, it is about recognising that you are absolutely unique and can do pretty much anything if you have a strong enough desire. Feelings of inadequacy are just constructs from your early years and no longer need to apply.

Last Friday afternoon on our NLP Master practitioner course 10 people set about conquering their self-doubt by breaking a board with just their hand, positive belief and energy, which is very symbolic.