Your Energy and How to Project It

If I was a millionaire, what would I look like walking my dog, Smudge, every morning? What would I be thinking about? What would I be focusing on and how would I respond when someone asks me, ‘How is business?’

Let’s start with how I would look if I was a millionaire. Well, about the same as now, with my grey walking shoes, blue jeans and my blue waterproof coat with pockets full of a ball for throwing, treats and poo bags!

What would I be thinking about? Our two new corporate customers and the fact that 10 people have already booked for Master Practitioner in the last two months, which, at this rate, equates to 50 people in a year. 28 more than last year. I’d also be affirming our stretching profit target.

And when I used to be asked, ‘How is business?’ I would give a detailed reply including the good and not so good. These days I just respond, ‘Really good thank you.’ Which my unconscious picks up on.

I’m also proud that we help so many people become much better leaders through our corporate training, and guide just as many individual coaches and trainers to success through our NLP programmes, and I know I’m connecting with all them, energetically, whilst I’m on my walk. I’m thinking about all the people we have already helped and all the people we have not met yet, those whom I‘m manifesting……

Bear with! I know for some of you that might come across as a bit ‘Woo Woo’. BUT have you ever gone into what might be a potentially difficult meeting with a positive vibe about you, and your positive energy is like a neural wifi which transmits to the other attendees creating a more desirable outcome?

I apply this kind of energy to other areas of my life too. e.g. I pay our bills on time, and we get paid on time. We work with people we like and we give a lot of ourselves in return.

I used to have a little bit of a scarcity mindset, but that is long gone, for now I know everything will be ok. I ignore the bad news and talk of recession. And I know that people have money to spend if it will benefit them to take away their stress and anxiety and achieve the results they want.

What are you manifesting?