South Korea Changes Birthdate System

Last month, South Korea changed its birthdate system. Under the old method a new born baby was aged one at birth because of the gestation period.

But if that wasn’t enough everyone becomes a year older on January 1st each year! So, a baby who was born on December 31st, aged one, becomes two the very next day! The country could, at the same time, utilise the same dating system as most other countries but there was a lot of confusion: A baby born in December 2002 would be two in January 2003, so now they would be twenty-two. Too old to play in the ‘Under 21s.’ And they would believe that they were twenty-two. I mean, you believe you are the age you are right? Imagine if you thought you were 41 and because you were born in December 1983 and now you are told you are actually 39 and you could have two years back. Would you do anything different? Think about it, what did you think you might do in the last two years but put off doing because you thought it might not work out? Well, if you had the chance again what might you do differently?

And there is more! Age is obviously a human construct. What we believe to be true feels true. If you believe that there are pixies at the bottom of your garden who might attack you, wont go there at night. Continuing the theme from our last podcast if you believe it is difficult for self employed trainers and coaches to get business, you wont see the opportunities. We see what we believe.

The next podcast, Episode Six is all about focussing on Big Impact activities at work. It is a very simple methodology – have a listen.