*NEW* 3 Principles Coaching Programme

This year we are launching a brand-new coach training programme which we have been working on for some time now. Continue reading “*NEW* 3 Principles Coaching Programme”

Learning NLP can make you a Better Coach and Boost your Business

If you are a coach and you would like to charge more read on; Continue reading “Learning NLP can make you a Better Coach and Boost your Business”

How NLP Changed My Life

For those of you who don’t know me, a recent podcast episode will give you a little insight into my life, my NLP journey and how I found my “why”. Continue reading “How NLP Changed My Life”

Sunk Costs

When I was studying finance in year two of my masters, I came across the term ‘sunk cost.’ In The Sunday Times recently, Jacco Thijssen, a Professor of Mathematical Finance at York University said that there can be no shame in cutting your losses: Continue reading “Sunk Costs”

Taking Action

Episode 11 of our podcast is all about taking action and getting things done. A number of our delegates are launching new businesses and they think they are being effective and building a business, but they are NOT. Continue reading “Taking Action”

Nice Shoes Make Me Happy

A few years ago, Kali showed me a picture of some new Jimmy Choo shoes she wanted for Christmas. I asked her why she wanted to spend £650 for a pair of shoes. Continue reading “Nice Shoes Make Me Happy”


Did you know that ‘busyness’ is a word listed and defined in the Oxford dictionary? We are obsessed with being busy and filling our time. Continue reading “Busyness”

Blowing Your Own Trumpet?

Is it a bad thing to be boastful? I remember, as a child, a teacher telling me that I should be more modest about my achievements and shouldn’t brag. Continue reading “Blowing Your Own Trumpet?”

Surfing the Wave

Many people say to me, ‘If only I was more confident, I’d be able to do what I really wanted.’

A mate of mine learned to surf a few years ago in North Devon…… Continue reading “Surfing the Wave”